New Atrium House Project

Project Location:

Charlotte, North Carolina

Architect / Designer:

3DFX Solutions

Huntersville, North Carolina

Project Description:

This is an atrium house concept I developed several years ago. It is one level, approximately 3,000 square feet, and it can be adapted to fit almost any site. It has a two car garage, a large kitchen, dining room, office, living room, utility room, two smaller bedrooms and two and a half baths, with a large master suite. The house is built around a large 1,500 square feet atrium which allows you to enjoy the outdoors, while still being "indoors". It has large cantilevered eaves that provide shelter around part of the atrium, while the rest is open to allow in sunshine. The entire idea behind this house is once you come home from work, you can go outside to rest on the patio, while the children play in the enclosed atrium of the house. I've included a floor plan and an interior rendering of the kitchen for your viewing.