Jackson Autoworx Renovation

Project Location:

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Architect / Designer:

3DFX Solutions

Huntersville, North Carolina

Project Description:

The owner of Jackson AutoWorx met with us and explained his ideas to us about what he wanted to do to renovate his shop to a more modern looking facility, but he wanted to see what he was going to build before spending the money on materials, labor and supplies. So, we sat down with him and designed a few different versions of what his building could look like. The one shown is the final rendering we did for him. Once we were finished with the renderings we were able to provide him with a set of blueprints for the new construction. The building was recently finished and we'll post photos of the new building as soon as we can. We're glad the owner chose us to provide him a vision of his new building and hope we can do the same for other clients in the future.