Travis and Melissa Black Residence

Project Location:

Midland, North Carolina

Architect / Designer:

3DFX Solutions

Charlotte, North Carolina

Project Description:

One of the first projects we did, even before our website was developed, was the Travis and Melissa Black Residence.  This house was developed by Travis and he contacted us to draw the plans for his house for permitting.  We were able to provide an entire set of drawings for him to submit for his permits.  Later on, as we began to develop our 3D abilities and skills, we decided to convert the 2D plans into a 3D model.  The result is what you see above and the house looks almost identical to the rendering above.  We will load a photo of it soon.  If we had been designing 3D models in the very beginning of our business, we could have easily supplied the owners with this image. It is definitely an added benefit nowadays to have a model so you can choose your materials and colors for your future home.